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Whos King?

Entwickler MobGame Pte. Ltd.

Whos King? - Time travel to the Three Kingdoms period on mobileThis game brings you back to the chaos of the Three Kingdoms, where all brave strong Heroes were riding across fierce battles, and the Masters drawn up scheme to destroy thousands of soldiers. You need to make a plan to break this balance and make your dream to be the Emperor come true. Then Who is King? It’s you, and you only!
AMAZING FEATURES• Time travel plotYou - a modern person go back to the dynasty of the Three Kingdoms, you have to survive and fight with honor to be the King of the Three Kingdoms.• Clash of GuildsThere are fierce competitions between Guilds to find the most powerful one, who have enough strength to lead all Heroes.• War Lord PalaceThe most powerful player each server is selected to be the War Lord and challenged by the whole world.• World BossSlay World Boss then take its crown, and you will be honored by your people.• Divine weaponHunt down and upgrade the unique Divine weapons.• Relic of Five elements Contrary and assist each other, decide the victory or failure of every battle.
Other outstanding features:- Garden- Plunder- Heroes Recruitment- Guild- Boss Slaying- Seven Holy Heroes- Heros Star- Arena- Dungeon- God of War Temple
COMPATIBILITY:• Android 4.0 or higher• Compatible with most popular models: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, LG, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus...
SUPPORT:Homepage: http://whoisking.mobiFanpage:
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